Not to be left off from the study of "wimp" is this item from the St.

Nicholas magazine, copied in the Asbury Park Journal, 10 February 1877, pg. 2,

col. 5:


Whimpy, little Whimpy,

Cried so much one day,

His grandma couldn't stand it,

And his mother ran away;

His sister climbed the hay-mow,

His father went to town,

And cook flew to the neighbor's

In her shabby kitchen gown.

Whimpy, little Whimpy,

Stood out in the sun,

And cried until the chickens

And the ducks began to run;

Old Towser in his kennel

Growled in an angry tone,

Then burst his chain, and Whimpy

Was left there all alone.

Whimpy, little Whimpy,

Cried, and cried, and cried,

Soon the sunlight vanished,

Flowers began to hide;

Birdies stopped their singing,

Frogs began to croak,

Darkness came, and Whimpy

Found crying was no joke.

Whimpy, little Whimpy,

Never'll forget the day

When grandma couldn't stand it,

And his mother ran away.

He was waiting by the window

When they all came home to tea,

And a gladder boy than Whimpy,

You never need hope to see.