Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 22:47:57 -0500

From: Gregory {Greg} Downing downingg[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]IS2.NYU.EDU

Subject: Re: ADS-L Digest - 25 Jan 1998 to 26 Jan 1998

At 03:58 PM 1/28/98 -0500, you wrote:

On Wed, 28 Jan 1998, Steve Harper wrote:

Gee, what a nice reply. Is Greg always so warm and accomodating?

Given the tone and content of the original message, I think Greg

showed considerable restraint. Thanks, Greg.

Jeutonne Brewer

Well, I feel bad to say anything on a list ("in public") that could be

construed as less than heartbleedingly mothertheresically generous, because

from a couple of years' experience with a lot of lists, I well know that the

truth is -- no matter what the situation or what leads up to a comment -- a

certain percentage of folks will see only an attack and a victim, not a

response to what in many of our cases must be hundreds of impossible

list-transmitted unsub requests in this forum alone over the past couple of

years. One usually ignores it, because that's the nicest and the laziest

thing to do (always an alluring combo). But at a certain point one wonders

what people could be thinking....

It's as if there's a big meeting in an auditorium and people are discussing

things, and one after another individuals keep standing up and shouting out,

"I forget where the door is and I have to leave now!!!!!" or "For God's

sake, can't anyone tell me where the bathroom is?????", etc. Anyway, in my

more jocular moments this is the allegory I construct to amuse myself....

Enough of this topic!

Here's the URL for subscription commands again. When you get there follow

the link to "ADS-L":

Best to all, even clueless-would-be unsubbers,

Greg Downing/NYU, at greg.downing[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] or downingg[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]