This is from the Toronto Globe and Mail, 30 December 1997 (it was a good

day, and the hotel gave 'em out for free), pg. B10, col. 5:

Furniture lingo

The latest suggestions for new business terminology come from _Haworth

Inc._, a Holland, Mich.-based office furniture manufacturer:

.Chunking: Those tilting stacks of paper aren't a mess, they're proof of

chunking or "consolidating related subject matter into fewer, but larger,

overarching groups of information."

.Visual noise: Objects and materials in the work space that distract from

rather than support current and important mental tasks. Churning helps reduce

visual noise.

.Churning: The cyclical activity of purging, absorbing, creating and

relocating artifacts such as folders, reports and notes to ensure that what's

on top and visible is the current and most important task.