Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 10:47:22 +0000

From: Jim Rader jrader[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]M-W.COM

Subject: Dopp kit and Doppelt again

I turned up more information on Dopp kit through a Nexis search.

( Dopp kit , by the way, got only 26 hits in the combined News and

Mags databases, which is a pittance in Nexis terms; I didn't try

other spellings, though.)

The following is from the Austin-American Statesman , March 28,

1994, Lifestyle section p. B5, in a query-to-the-paper columns

(byline--Jane S. Greig):

-"Dopp" is a registered trademark of a man's toiletry kit.

-The kit was developed by Charles Doppelt, a German immigrant who

-arrived in Chicago in the early 1900's. Doppelt was a designer of

-leather goods and was the first to patent this toilet kit for men's

-shaving paraphernalia and other personal items....

-Charles Doppelt's Co. was purchased by Samsonite in the early '70's.

-In 1979 Buxton acquired ownership of the trademark name "Dopp Kit"

-[though according to the Buxton webpage only "Dopp" is


Similar information appears in the Advocate (Baton Rouge, LA) for

April 26, 1996. Some Buxton wallets carrying the "Dopp" trademark

appear to have contained a small card with a snippet of history,

according to which "during World War II millions of GIs were issued

Dopp kits, forever implanting the name Dopp in the psyche of


A letter from one Maida Mangiameli, Hawthorn Woods, IL, appeared in

the Chicago Tribune Sunday magazine for May 19, 1996:

-Regarding Bill Brashler's article about luggage in your Travel Part

-2 (March 17), my father Jerome Harris designed the original Dopp Kit.

- He worked for his uncle, Charles Doppelt at Charles Doppelt fine

-leather goods in Chicago, where the design was patented. There was,

-indeed, a time when the Dopp Kit was very well known....

Finally, the following was in the obituary column of the Chicago

Tribune for June 16, 1993: "Jerome Marovitz...retired controller

for Doppelt, a former manufacturer of leather goods, for more than 15

years. Once located at Cermark and Wabash, the company was known for

its Dopp kit, a travel case for toiletries."

Jim Rader