Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 09:24:41 -0500

From: Gregory {Greg} Downing downingg[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]IS2.NYU.EDU

Subject: Re: Sexgate explained; ADS-L again

At 02:51 AM 1/27/98 EST, you (Barry Popik) wrote:


AMERICAN SPEECH has covered "-gate" words not once nor twice, but four

times. See "Among the New Words" 53.3 Fall 1978, 54.4 Winter 1979, 56.4

Winter 1981, and 59.2 Summer 1984.

Last Friday, it was not at all clear what this thing would be called.

President Clinton's "There is no improper sexual relationship" made the

news, and a related WASHINGTON POST story with Jesse Sheidlower (an ADS

member) was posted here by someone else.