However, my hard drive would not have files from the print publications I

had mentioned, only recent e-mailed newsletters such as the above (or

other references from files in the websites I administer).

I next did a quick Alta-Vista search on "internot" which produced 1285

references, of which I scanned the first 5-6 screens. Most of the

references were to proper nouns (newsletter or organizational names) or to

uses of the term other than those which either Gareth or I had suggested.

This search also did not include any of the print publications I'd

mentioned in my original note, but -- primitive search as it was -- does

suggest that at least in this material the definition I'd put forward is

not being used as a 'mainstream' use of 'internot'.

Has anyone else run across usage of 'internot' in the sense I'd used it?




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