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Subject: Re: Almost about dialect


Only in alien physiology, of course.

I had an MA candidate once who was a singer; he did a nice (but only

exploratory) study of the anatomically silly instructions singing teachers

gave theer studentrs (such as pointing to the forehead and asking a singer

to 'place' the voice there). The interesting fact is, of course, not just

that these instructions a physiologically silly but that they are effective

in achieving appropriate modifications to voice prized by singers (and

actors, and speakers).

What a nice constrastive study between physiological phonetic reality and a

'applied phonetics' this would make!


I have noticed that many 20-something females (my daughter included) have a

voice that lodges high in the throat, producing a grating, nasal-sounding

tone. In other generations the voice comes from around the clavical,

trained voices lower still.

Is the location of vocalization a part of dialect?

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