Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 00:09:59 -0500


Subject: Re: Podunk

In response to Frank Abate's posting of evidence regarding Podunk-qua-place



| Let me weigh in with some evidence on Podunk:


| The Index volume to the Omni Gazetteer lists placenames with Podunk in 7

| states: CT, MA, ME, MI, NY, UT, VT.


| There are populated places or "locales" (such are often neighborhood name=

| s)

| in CT, MA, MI, NY, VT. MA has a P Cemetery and a P Pond.


| In CT, aside from a P River, there is a P Pond, and I have first-hand

| knowledge of a residential part of a shoreline town, Guilford (S of

| Hartford about 35 miles), which uses this name. There is a P Road in

| Guilford.

Could you give an indication of where in Guilford? My Champion map of New

Haven County (c. 10 years old) doesn't list Podunk Road (or any other name

containing Podunk) in its index, which does list some *very* minimal looking

roads in Guilford.

Alice Faber