Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 21:17:24 -0500

From: Gregory {Greg} Downing downingg[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]IS2.NYU.EDU

Subject: Re: folk tale, "1, 2, 3"

At 08:37 PM 1/21/98 -0500, you wrote:

More charming, anyway, than the

nth incarnation of the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe...

Which (since you mention it...) I just got this evening again. I also got

the "join the crew" virus warning three times in the past two weeks. And

twice this week I got the FCC per-minute internet-charge warning, which was

legitimate a year ago but not now. There were arguments on three different

lists I'm on beween veterans and rookies about posting these things. When

are they going to reach a saturation point? It's kind of a verbal cloning

thing, I guess, but my hard drive is fairly large, so I will survive.... But

if I could get rid of only spam, or only recycled internet folklore, but not

both, I know what I'd pick given the volume of each I get! I guess the thing

is that new people are coming online all the time, and these things don't

always get distributed thoroughly when they first appear....

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