David Shulman found an early baseball "goat" (scapegoat) from the 1880s.

"Goat" was also a player's nickname.

The RHHDAS has that it is "A Weshman--used derisively." A 1922 quote

(referring to 1885?) has "A Frenchman is a 'frog,' a negro a 'coon' and a

Welchman a 'goat.'"

This is from SPORTING LIFE, 4 May 1907, (can't read page), col. 4:

"It's easy to guess how Anderson is named 'Goat,'" remarked Ed Ballinger,

the local paragrapher. "He hails from the Indiana coal country. Scores of

Welshmen live out that way. To some people every man from Wales is styled a