I came across the same 10 February 1906 SPORTING LIFE "Yannigan" that's

in Dickson's BASEBALL DICTIONARY for the first citation. On page 7, col. 2,

Ren Mulford, Jr. states that "A Red memory of training days at New Orleans

would not be complete without recalling the last series there between the

Regulars and Yanigans."

Dickson also cites a December 1925 AMERICAN SPEECH article on "Logger

Talk," which may indicate that "Yannigan" was a term from the logging camps in

the Pacific Northwest.

However, Filichia's PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL FRANCHISES, on page 159, has

this (minus one "n") for New Castle, PA:

_New Castle Quakers (aka Yanigans, 1899)_

Inter-State League, 1896-1900; charter franchise. Disbanded with league after

1900 season.

_New Castle Yanigans_

Alternate name for NEW CASTLE QUAKERS, 1896-1900.