Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 14:20:44 PST8

From: Simonie Hodges sjhodges[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CCGATE.HAC.COM

Subject: RMMLA/ADS call for papers

*****************Papers Solicited for the 1998 RMMLA Conference*****************

Conjoint Meeting: American Dialect Society:

Session Chair, Simonie Hodges

Georgetown University

2525 Farmcrest Dr. #328

Herndon, VA 20171


This session showcases papers on various aspects of American dialects. Examples

of previous paper topics include: dialects of Utah, the use of formal and

informal pronouns "You" in Spanish speaking cities, Jamaican English in

historical plays, and sweet carbonated beverage isoglosses in the U.S.

We hope that you will propose a paper for the 1998 RMMLA (Rocky Mountain Modern

Language Association) conference in Salt Lake City. Please address your proposal

to the Chair of the appropriate session. Proposals based on a 300-word abstract

are due to the session Chair no later than 15 February 1998. These proposals

must be sent on paper and on 3.5" disk (preferably IBM-compatible format). If

you would like the disk returned to you, please enclose a stamped, self-

addressed envelope. You will be notified of the Chair's decision by 15 March

1998. Complete versions of accepted papers are due to the Chair by 15 August

(paper and disk copy).

Visit the RMMLA website at for

more details on the other topics at the conference.

---------Guidelines for Papers and Presenters at the RMMLA Conference-----------

We would appreciate your following a few RMMLA rules regarding papers presented

at our conference. RMMLA is an organization for its members. You MUST be a

member in good standing to present a paper. Your membership must be current by 1

April 1998 to have your name appear in the program. You may not read papers in

more than one session. It is courteous to notify the Chair if you submit to more

than one session. If you have two papers accepted, please decide which you will

give, and notify both Chairs, as well as the RMMLA Secretariat. If we discover

the duplication and are not able to reach you, we will have to choose for you.

Members who propose papers are expected to attend the Convention to read at the

scheduled time. No more than two members of the same institution may appear on

any panel. No one's name may appear on the program more than twice (i.e. as a

Chair and a presenter; appearance as a Secretary is not considered).

Please notify the Chair and the RMMLA Secretariat immediately if you find you

are unable to present. It is the policy of the RMMLA not to have papers read in


(NB: RMMLA DUE DATES represent dates for receipt. Please allow adequate time

when mailing overseas or to distant addresses.) Proposals for papers for the

1998 convention are due to the Chairs no later than 15 February 1998, because

Chairs must have the program copy for their sessions in the hands of the

Executive Director by 1 March 1998. This timeline is critical for setting and

finalizing the program.

Thank You In Advance For Your Cooperation.