Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 11:00:19 -0500

From: Grant Barrett gbarrett[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]JERRYNET.COM

Subject: Re: Rude Message from Denizen

Note: This message has nothing to do with American Dialects. It is a collection of information

about our rude subscriber. Interesting reading, I think.

The author of the extremely rude messages is named Jon Erik Beckjord.

Although he often uses "logger[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]" as the reply-to address, his usual email address

seems to be "erik[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]". You might also try "davis[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]" ,

"ufomuseum[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]", "beckjord[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]", "davis[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]" or

"ufobfmuseum[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]".

He appears to be the curator of the UFO, Bigfoot and Crop Circles Museum. The web site can be

found at Beckjord's service provider can be reached at


A short article on the museum can be found at

A picture of Beckjord can be found at

Beckjord can possibly be reached at Box 9502, Berkeley, CA 94709 (510-848-2233), or 817

Columbus Ave., #161 San Francisco, CA 94133 (415-974-4339).

He has indicated that he has a BA and MBA from UC Berkeley, and claims to be a tentative

candidate for mayor of San Francisco.

He has sent messages to newsgroups like looking for someone to handle a

lawsuit against someone who he believes has maligned him. He posts messages to

alt.privacy.anon-server looking for ways to send anonymous email, and also to

alt.bigfoot.research, alt.paranormal.crop-circles, alt.conspiracy.area51 and misc.activism.militia.

According to, Beckjord was

found guilty of harassing a neighbor in Los Angeles. A mock trial was held on the "Jones and

Jury" TV show on Jan. 25th, 1995. (Case No. 94-1082; Show No. 012595).

[The information below is edited from a bio at,262F82D,3BF6700,


Past High School: Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS

Attended Tulane Univ., New Orleans, LA; UC-Berkeley

Has worked as film crew member and urban planner.

Has lived in London, Paris, New York City and Washington D.C.

Has worked for US Air Force.

As hobbies, includes skiing, sailing, reading, debating, anomalies, investigations and photography.

[The information below is edited from a bio at]

Formerly a Field investigator for MUFON in Los Angeles County.

Operated Crypto-Zoology Museum in Malibu until it was burned out in l993 by Malibu fires.

Operated 'UFO, Bigfoot & Loch Ness Monster Museum' in Venice district of Los Angeles for six

months in l995."

Believes in "Old Faithful," a UFO that shows up at the same time every morning over Area 51.

Dismisses 50% of the Bigfoot 'physical animal' theorists, 60% of the Loch Ness 'physical animal'


Beckjord claims to have taken "paranormal 'ghost' photos" of Nichole Brown Simpson and Ron

Goldman after the murders at Nichole's condo and at the O.J. house.

Beckjord says: "[I support] positions that some UFOs may be nuts and bolts, whilst others may be

energy-forms based on human OOBE trips, whilst others may be a collection of beings clustered

together doing the shape-shifter boogy. Source may be ultra= dimensional (a la Keel and Vallee)

but some could be interstellar. Other UFOs may be simply advanced craft we are testing. No one

position is the real truth."