"SHOW ME THE MONEY!" Show me more citations!

I used Excite, and "Show me the money" turned up 2,907,783 items.

Methinks that's either a lot of money or Excite gets too excited.

The New York Times online had two important items, both from 5 January


On College Football by Malcolm Moran

(...) The lucrative side shows are everywhere. A man on the floor of

the Louisiana Superdome was about to attempt to throw a football through a

hole for a million dollars in a halftime promotion. As fans dashed for

restrooms after a two-hour first half, the announcer was yelling in an

attempt to create some excitement, encouraging the crowd to shout: "Show me

the money....show me the money...."

Show me? The money was everywhere....

Making the Shift from "Boyz" to Man by Steve Oney

(...) And "Show me the money," a line he (Cuba Gooding, Jr.--ed.)

delivers during a rousing verbal duel with the title character, a sports

agent played by Tom Cruise, may well become a catch phrase.