Date: Mon, 6 Jan 1997 09:31:44 -0500


Subject: Year 2000

Dear Allan,

Thanks again for the citation for Year 2000. I checked the Algeo's index

this morning and see that they list "Millennium Bug" and "millennium

problem" as appearing in the 1997 summer issue of AS, but I see nothing on

"Year 2000."

By the way, as soon as I got in my car at the Atlanta airport on Saturday

night, I heard about WOTY on ABC radio news (I am addicted to AM radio,

obviously). One of my colleagues saw a small article on WOTY in this

morning's Atlanta Constitution.

I'd appreciate hearing about where the news was broadcast or printed so

that I can provide evidence of the importance of my trip to Chicago in my

report to the Research Committee.

Wayne Glowka

P. S. The Algeos do not list "soccer mom."