Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 14:02:56 EST

From: "Daniel Marcus -- Amer. Lawyer Media - New York" dmarcus0[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]COUNSEL.COM

Subject: WOTY pre-ve R


The word 'nail' is used very often by basketball commentators,

usually referring to someone making an outside shot. ("He nailed

that jumper," "And she nails the three from downtown," etc.) It's

almost never used with a negative, however. (* "He failed to nail

the shot.")

I also heard it used during the diving events in pretty much the

same way as in gymnastics (i.e. a clean landing), so this would

seem to work against the feet-nailed-to-the-floor idea. (Although

the gymnastics synonym "stick" does seem to be physically rooted,

i.e. sticking to the floor.)

I think for sports it always refers to isolated situations within

the game where there are only two possible outcomes, i.e.

make/miss, success/failure.

But, to be honest, I think these sports meanings are all playing

second fiddle to the more popular meaning, which is to have sex.

(Examples assumed.)

Dan Marcus