Date: Tue, 30 Jan 1996 09:53:52 -0600

From: Miriam Meyers mmeyers[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MSUS1.MSUS.EDU

Subject: Re: expressions

"If ice freezes on high water, the water will come back and get it."

"Go back and lick your calf over again."

This reminds me of my grandmother-in-law who, after visiting my husband and

me for the first time, said of me in a later discussion, that I'd "been

around and wore shoes." This was said as a compliment and I defined it as

referring to someone who had more experience or sophistication. I've never

heard it before or since. Comments?


"Been around and wore shoes" reminds me of an expression I read about from

alleged Arkansas dialect (re Bill Clinton): "He's been to Memphis."

Miriam Meyers

Metropolitan State University