Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 16:16:04 EST


Subject: Re: out in left field

Someone else brought up the possibility Dan Alford mentions (the allusion to

the worst kid being sent out to left field), but as we've been saying, the

preponderance of right-handed hitters means that it would be RIGHT field that

would be the safest spot to "hide" someone, and that's how I remember it,

in sandlot ball as well as the majors (think Dave Kingman).* Even in my

daughter's softball league, I'd wager that fewer balls are hit to right. So I

really think we need to stick to the left-field-fences-are-further-out theory

suggested by Ron, perhaps buttressed by the political corollaries brought up

by others (the off-the-wall-ness of "the Left", the prejudice against lefties,

etc.). Larry

*A tendency offset by the fact that right-fielders do need to have good

arms, so many excellent fielders end up being positioned there as well

(think Roberto Clemente).