Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 16:03:46 -0500

From: Jesse T Sheidlower jester[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]PANIX.COM

Subject: Re: go postal

In my introduction to the English language class today we were talking

about ways to create new words. I mentioned "go postal" in the course

of the discussion. At the end of class one of my students said that

(went) postal was said in the movie "Clueless" by one of the characters.

Apparently the person who said it in the movie is the lady in an Aero-

smith video. Her name is Alisha (sp) ?stone. Anyway, I told my student

I would mention it for those who were questioning its existence.

That would be Alicia Silverstone. The expression occurs twice in

the script (details included for those who like such ephemera):

1994 A. Heckerling _Clueless_ (Green script revision 11/29/94,

p. 11): CHER You get your report card? DIONNE O.S. Yeah, I'm

toast, you'll never see me out of the house again. How'd you do?

CHER God, I totally choked. My father's going to go postal on me.

1994 A. Heckerling _Clueless_ (Green script revision 11/29/94,

p. 103A): CHER V.O. Like Josh thinking I was mean or something,

was making me postal, which didn't improve my driving skills.


Jesse "Cites R Us" Sheidlower

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