Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 12:20:35 EST

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Subject: Re: Denny's question reformulated

To me, "family restaurant" suggests not a fast-food place like

MacDonald's, but a place serving what I think of as vaguely

old-fashioned American food (they should do a good meatloaf,

for example, and have pie for dessert) and to which you wouldn't

go on a date because there'd be too much noise. (You might go

there with a spouse, but not to court.) And "family style" means

you're sharing your food, instead of each ordering different

things. This can be a way of ordering in a Chinese restaurant,

or it can apply to some restaurants in the Pennsylvania Dutch

country, where you tell them how many people you have in your

group, and they show you seats, and food starts appearing--the

bill is per person, regardless of whether you personally ate the

ham, or took thirds on the fried chicken, or decided you wanted


Vicki Rosenzweig

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