Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 20:44:57 CST


Subject: Re: Denny's, etc restaurants

Benjamin, of course places like Berger King and Sonic I call fast food

restaurants or probably just call them by their name: Let's go to Berger

King. If we're driving and don't know what will be coming up and are looking

for a general catagory I guess just "fast food". For Denny's (I think I

wouldn't go there anymore because of their descrimination problems) but I'd

probably say: "Let's look for something like Denny's" I would include Western

Sizzlin' in this catagory of sort of sit down fast food places.

A few months ago I wrote to you about my son who was in Japan. He has

now gotten a job teaching English in a high school/jr. high. He is pretty

excited about it. I am pretty worried (moms do that). One of his bosses is

looking out for him though so I guess it will be ok. Thanks again for all

the information you took the time to send me. I enjoy your postings on ads