Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 15:32:32 -0600

From: "Charles F Juengling (Fritz Juengling)" juen0001[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]GOLD.TC.UMN.EDU

Subject: Re: Commonly misspelled words?

Charlotte Thomas notes the following:

There are numerous words which I frequently find to be misspelled. I

have noticed this in official publications as well as more casual

writings too, which is surprising. Among these are:







There seems to be an interesting tendency for Americans to make these

misspellings. Maybe Americans are just generally bad spellers. It may

be genetic. Had anybody got any other possible suggestions for why

this might be?

Now ain't that funny. I thought it was British spellers that were (perhaps

even genetically) malformed. I notice they always spell these words wrong:

theater (the spell it -re)

judgment (they use a extra 'e')

tire (they use a 'y' [!])


you forgot this monstrosity (is that spelled right?)-- GAOL! For those of

you who don't know what that is, it's where the Brits put their criminals to

keep 'em off the streets.

BTW, has anybody noticed that the British are always using the wrong words?

For example, they always say 'got' when they mean 'have' as in "Had [sic]

anybody got any other...."

Fritz J

Fritz Juengling

U of MN