Date: Fri, 13 Jan 1995 19:20:53 -0500


Subject: Re: WOTY

FYI, cyberADSers, nominations for WOTY begin with two lists of a couple dozen

words each, one from the Algeos, one from David Barnhart: words they are

noting for possible *future* issues. So we get a *preview* of ANW and BDC.

Like good academics, they have their lists ready at the last possible

moment; and anyhow, like good scholars, they wait till the year is nearly

over to look back at the words of the whole year.

I think we could arrange to get those lists in cyberspace a few days in

advance of our nominating committee meeting (open to all, Dec. 28) and vote

(Dec 29).

That will be progress, but believe me, it won't solve the fundamental


- AAllan

PS. Thanks, Dennis B. - A statuette would be a helpful antidote to an

overdose of seriousness. Shall we call it a "Noah" after Webster?