Date: Tue, 10 Jan 1995 19:38:00 -0500


Subject: Re: More Responses

Maybe our announcement of the WOTY contest/results ought to include

not only a list of previous winners, but a somewhat fuller statement

of how we see the contest and how it's evolved. For the popular press,

too, an analogy might not hurt. Just as Time's Man-of-the-Year award

is not generally given to people BORN in the year in question, so

neither is ours, unless they happen to thereby achieve sufficient

prominence right away! Newness is not the only kind of significance,

etc. If we nipped that in the bud a little more directly maybe the

WORDS-L readers would get it.

[Is it still called MOTY? Shows you how long since I;'ve paid

attenbtion to Time-- and I truly feel better for it...]

Now that we've saluted "morph" officially, we could even have

a MOTY of our own-- Morph(eme) of the Year...

Btw (has "btw" ever received an award?), I liked the press

release (more than the winning choice). Thanks y'all....