Date: Sun, 8 Jan 1995 08:10:00 EST

From: "Dennis.Preston" 22709MGR[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MSU.EDU

Subject: (Fwd) Re: Euphonizing (?) proper

All the Fuchs's down my way (Louisville) - we had no Fuch - were pronounced

'fyooks.' Although us Upper South Midland adolescents played with everything

(we had dirty versions of every mildly popular song), I do not remember toying

with this.

While we are on names, we also had what I would call counter-euphemistic

ploys. That is, when we couldn't find a real name or something in a name to

make fun of we invented stuff. Our favorite trick was to send bogus names on a

slip of paper to be read over the P.A. by the vice principal. As I recall, our

favorites were 'Mike Hunt' and 'Edith Juan' (what little philologists we were

with the latter, huh!). You can imagine our adolescent glee when we heard the

serious V.P. intone ' Will Mike Hunt come to the office.'

We also toyed with one another's names, hoping for something nasty. One day we

started spoonerizing. My pal Mark Amster ended up 'Ark Mamster.' No fun. My

buddy Larry Fischer ended up 'Fairy Lischer.' Good stuff for those homophobic

days. I didn't see it coming until someone blurted out 'Penis Dreston.' The

'Penis' handle stuck for two years of High School. (No pun intended.)

Ah! Names!

Dennis Preston a.k.a. ![AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]#$%^&*()