Date: Sat, 29 Jan 1994 04:30:41 -0600


Subject: Re: waiter/waitress

June and I eat out twice a day; we rarely cook at home. But nobody

around here announces themselves as anything. The last place I was in

where anyone said hi Im X and Ill be your X was a self-consciously trendy

restaurant in Madison WI. You got a little plate a dry green crud for


dollars. We had a place here in Macomb where they did that (announced,

not gave you dry green crud). The guy was dressed up in something like

Admiral Nelson's dress uniform, and hovered annoyingly around for the whole

meal. I wanted to say, WILL YOU PLEASE JUST GET AWAY!!!!!!!!! Fortunately,

that place went down the tubes and was replaced by something plainer and

more sensible.

Tim Frazer