Date: Tue, 4 Jan 1994 15:45:13 CST

From: Dennis Baron debaron[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UIUC.EDU

Subject: ads at NCTE

Allan Metcalf has asked me to organize the ADS session at NCTE in

Orlando next fall (Nov. 18-21 1994). There will be a call for papers

in the January ADS Newsletter, but that won't be out until the end of

the month. In the mean time, I've offered to put this notice on the

NET. (BTW, Allan says he hopes to be networked in about a month)

The past 2 NCTE ADS sessions, both on Taboo words and the classroom,

were very well attended. Since some of our work is too specialized

to attract a good NCTE crowd, Allan and I felt it would be important

to pick a session theme that will ensure a good audience. Possibilities

include something on sexism or slang, but I am drawn to the issue of

politically correct language: our membership and NCTE attendees should

both have a lot to say on the subject. (Anybody see the front page

article on PC signing in yesterday's NY Times?)

Anyway, please send your topics/abstracts to me as soon as possible. NCTE

gives a Jan. 12 deadline, but we can have some extra time to get them

our list of speakers.

BTW, nobody sent me a summary of the New Words session in Toronto, but

I did my commentary on information superhighway nonetheless! Must be

in the air.

(the other) Dennis