Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 15:42:07 -0500 From: Stewart Mason Subject: Re: GAY (Changes to the English Language) Tom Uharriet asks: >When & why did the word "GAY" change from homosexual to male >homosexual? > Fairly recently--within the last five years or so, I believe. In various courses I took for my Women's Studies minor, the general consensus was that "gay and lesbian" was both more inclusive and more specific. It sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Stewart ______________________________________ Stewart Allensworth Mason Technical Editor, Access Innovations, Inc. Albuquerque NM[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Current screen saver phrase: "I'm still here, Happer..." ***COOL WORDS*** 1. Gingersnap 2. Gurgle 3. Balsamic 4. Venerated 5. Whap-a-dang (So it's not a word. It's still cool.)