Date: Sat, 24 Feb 1996 13:54:55 CST From: Barbara Need Subject: Prepositional complements CROSS-POSTED TO: ANSAX-L, GERLINGL, OLDNORSENET, LINGUIST, CHAUCER, ADS-L, HEL-L I am trying to track down information about verbs with prepositional complements, such as the following I know about John She laughed at him My main interest is these structures in Old English and I have looked in Mitchell and Visser without much result. If anyone knows of any work done in this area (for any langauge: (Old) English, other Germanic languages, other non-Germanic languages), please let me know. If relevant, I will post a summary of responses to the net. Thanks in advance, Barbara Need University of Chicago--Linguistics barbara[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]