Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 16:43:40 -0800 From: "Thomas L. Clark" Subject: Re: Monkey Wards and Kame-apart -Reply I have seen a couple of comments about Target as being "a high-class place to shop." I considered these comments to be litotes, or at least ironic. The Target stores here are the same as K-mart, so the frenchification of the name has always been taken to be humorous around here. The high school kids who can't find sloppy enough clothes while "thrifting", i.e. haunting thrift shops, buy cheap baggy things at Target or K-Mart. Is Target REALLY tonier than K-Mart in other regions? Tom "Oxfam" Clark Thomas L. Clark 702/895-3473 University of Nevada, Las Vegas (89154-5011) tlc[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]