Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 10:32:54 EST From: mai Subject: Re: silly rules of grammar On Sun, 18 Feb 1996 02:04:38 -0500 Bob Haas said: >Seth, back when I was in journalism school (it's been awhile now), such >broadcast headlines were called teasers. The practice of composing them >in present tense was never directly addressed, but we were all assured >(by very competent faculty) that present tense was the way to go. The >practice seems to be the same all over the country, particularly at >local stations. Thanks for the "teaser" information. I note also that sports broadcasts seem to use the present tense to the exclusion of all others and never seem to employ the subjunctive mood, substituting the present tense indic. as well. Are they also taught that in school? I always have the feeling that it sounds, well, ignernt... :-) If he goes long he has a touchdown. being used for : Had he gone long, he would've scored. Mark Ingram maingr01[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]