Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996 09:52:01 -0500 From: RonButters[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM Subject: South-Florida Sun-Sentinel R. D. Swets writes, "When I left work there about an hour ago, it was the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, [not the South-Florida Sun-Sentinel.]" Well, Archbishop Bob, nowhere on the masthead/front-page of your very fine newspaper do the words "Fort Lauderdale" appear--however, the words "South Florida" ARE there, in caps and what looks like 24-point type. On page 1A the "Reader's Guide" gives a Ft. Lauderdale address as the business location for the paper--but then NEWSWEEK gives a Washington, DC, business location, but that doesn't make it "The Washington, DC, NEWSWEEK"! Cf. USA TODAY, the Wall Street Journal, the Christian Science Monitor, etc. I've only been here for three weeks (and I have to go back to North Carolina on 1 March)--as I newcomer, I went by what I read in the newspaper. If y'all want me to call you the "Fort Lauderdale" Sun-Sentinel and not the "South Florida" Sun-Sentinel, then I respectfully suggest that you call YOURSELVES the "Fort Lauderdale" Sun-Sentinel and not the "South Florida" Sun-Sentinel SOMEWHERE in the newspaper itself (especially on the masthead)!