Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996 08:22:37 -0600 From: Alan R Slotkin Subject: Re: Present tense in newsbreak announcements While I don't know of a separate newgroup/disc. list for usage, I do want to remind ADS-L participants that the Usage Committee is attempting to start up a newsletter and would welcome the kind of discussion on present tense usage in headlines and on singular they/their as submissions. If someone desires to do so, please submit your ideas/comments/short articles, etc., to me either via e-mail or snail mail. Thanks. Alan ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Alan R. Slotkin Professor of English Box 5053 Tennessee Technological University Cookeville, TN 38505 Phone: 615-372-3262 FAX: 615-372-6142 e-mail: ars7950[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] -----------------------------------------------------------------------