Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 13:07:06 -0500 From: Michael Clark Subject: Re: warp speed? -Reply In a message dated 96-02-12 10:31:47 EST, Elizabeth Gregory writes: >I agree that the source seems to be _Star Trek_, in which the term >"warp" is used to describe traveling at the speed of light--for >example, traveling at Warp Factor 3 would be three times the speed of >light (parallel to the use of "mach" in aviation to refer to flying at >the speed of sound) Actually, the formula for figuring warp speed in the _Star Trek_ sense of the word is W/F (warp factor) cubed times the speed of light... so travelling at "warp 2" would be 8 times the speed of light, and "warp three" would be 27 times the speed of light.. etc. etc. etc My source for this is the _Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual_, please don't think too ill of me for owning this. Michael/utlinguist[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]