Date: Tue, 6 Feb 1996 02:56:06 -0800 From: SETH SKLAREY Subject: Re: knife & fork Maybe the rule is that the straight-man is listed first? Martin and Lewis Abbott & Costello or is it the other way around? Laurel & Hardy and how about those classics: Gallagher & Shean (Sheen?) Gilbert & Sullivan and the classic Groucho Marx law firm of Hungerdunger, Hungerdunger, Hungerdunger & McCormick and the slogans: Tippecanoe & Tyler Too! wing and a prayer praise the Lord and pass the ammunition the lame & the halt hops, rice and best barley malt And, what is the politically correct name for the "straight man" in a lesbian comedy team? SETH SKLAREY Wittgenstein School of the Unwritten Word Coconut Grove, FLorida crissiet[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ====================== >I suppose the traditional male dominance or "power" factor is responsible >for the fixed order of > Fibber McGee and Molly > George Burns and Gracie Allen >though when duos like this are announced on stage, typically the master of >ceremonies gives greater prosodic prominence to the second of the two. > > Rudy > --Rudy Troike (rtroike[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > >