End of ADS-L Digest - 4 Feb 1996 to 5 Feb 1996 ********************************************** There are 22 messages totalling 656 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Sears & Roebuck; Montgomery Ward (3) 2. knife & fork (2) 3. sanskrit proof of spittin' rabbit 4. spitten image [was: The skinny on PROVE] (3) 5. Straight Wo/Man First? (2) 6. BBC Reith Lectures 7. conjoined names 8. word of the year list 9. "going medieval" (5) 10. Five & Dime / Dime store (3) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 22:20:31 -0700 From: William King Subject: Re: Sears & Roebuck; Montgomery Ward In addition to Sears and Roebuck, I believe that there was a third, silent partner who was Jewish. Roebuck sold out early on, leaving Sears, who worked himself to death without taking time to eliminate the extended business name himself. Montgomery Ward was one person named Montgomery, something I intuitively believed as a kid, even though Montgomery to me was strictly a last name. I think that Montgomery Ward sounds much better than Ward Montgomery, but yes, yes, I would never refer to it as Montgomery's! I'd rather go to Sears. These are esthetic considerations that may be beyond the realm of the rationale considered here. One neat thing about the name Montgomery Ward in its entirety is that the M and W are reciprocal images that look quite nice in caps. A mail order fan, Bill King