Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 21:57:38 -0500 From: AAllan[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM Subject: Free books on writing I'm about to give my publisher, Harcourt Brace, addresses to send free examination copies of the 2 writing books I announced in the recent ADS newsletter: the basic _Essentials of Writing to the Point_ and the research-paper book _Research to the Point_ 2d ed. Contrary to everything else (I think), these focus on essentials, not trivia. Though they are _not_ usage or grammar books, I think they reflect sane attitudes toward language, and I would be very pleased to get your reactions. If you'd like to consider them for your teaching and would like copies, send me a private e-mail message (not bothering ADS-L again). Thanks - Allan Metcalf