Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 14:38:36 -0500 From: Alan Ainsworth Subject: copyeditors/teachers I agree with much of what Terry Lynn Irons says in response to the problems of changing language and I would like to broaden the question to ask what it is that happens in writing and speech classrooms. Linguists say that adults don't teach children language any more than adults teach them how to walk. What then do English and speech teachers do? Do they affect change? And the copyediting that teachers/ editors do in conjuction with handbooks written by copyeditors/teachers? What does that do? All of that is even more complicated when language patterns have already been developed that are not the patterns in the handbooks, in the teacher's idea of "proper English," etc. That few of us speak "proper English" but shun the improper Engish of dialects in written documents and in formal speech situations (i.e. job interviews) is important and should be discussed, I think. Alan Ainsworth Instructor, English Central College, Houston Community College System AINSWORTH_A[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]