Date: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 14:31:21 -0500 From: "Jerry (NMN) Miller" Subject: Re: Software for teaching copy editing? Chip: I have been using a headline-writing software program for the past few years that does headline counting and headline writing. It is not a very sophisticated program, and we have yet to get it to work off of our network, but it does put copy-editing students through the paces of counting headlines and writing them (to fit, since the program rejects any heads that are too long or too short!) It is a free-standing program, so it probably wouldn't work directly through WordPerfect. The version we have is for IBM compats, although I think they also had a version for Macs, but I'm not sure. Cost, as I recall, was about $50 (again, I'm not completely sure). I got the program from: Communique 1012 Chateau Court Blacksburg, VA 24060 If you have any luck in finding better programs for headline writing, or, for that matter, any programs at all that handle other copy-editing chores, I would be most interested in hearing about them. Hope this information proves useful to you and/or copy-editing teacher friend. Jerry Miller Franklin College (Ind.)