Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 18:51:33 CST From: "Donald M. Lance" Subject: Re: "different than" Merriam-Webster's WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH USAGE (1989) has a nice piece on "different from, than, to". British English still uses "different to." The article points out that "different from" is first attested in Shakespeare's COMEDY OF ERRORS (1593). The first objections to "different than" were raised in 1770. All dialectologists (and others who are concerned with usage) should have a copy of this valuable resource. The entries are rather full, with a history of each usage item, including references to squabbles. The entries are based on the extensive Merriam-Webster citation files and include info from OED. I'm not selling the book, just giving scholars a lead on good source information. DMLance