Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 07:46:03 -0700 From: Bruce Gelder Subject: Re: "little" >My mother's cousin was known as Little Aaron even after he became taller >than Big Aaron. (Little Aaron's legal name was Richard -- Aaron was his >"Jewish name"). 1950's; New York City and Ulster County, NY. For what it's worth, my mother calls me Little Bruce to this day. I intensely dislike it, but I've never told her. There's no Big Bruce, though, so perhaps this is not the same usage. (I live in Salt Lake City; my mother was raised in Central Utah and Southwestern Colorado.) My father, who was raised in North Dakota's Red River Valley, calls me simply Little Boy (which I dislike even more)--also to this day. Bruce Gelder bgelder[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]