Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 14:15:49 -0800 From: Allen Maberry Subject: Re: jakes There is a small book which may be relevant to the discussion of "jakes"= outhouses. My grandparents had a copy and it might be around somewhere: Greer, William Royal. Gems of American architecture. (embellishments by Charles E. Calder) [St. Paul : Brown & Bigelow, 1935]. (reprinted 1975? by the American Life Foundation, Watkins Glen, N.Y.) The Library of Congress subject heading would be, I guess, Outhouses--Humor. I remember that it contained virtually every slang and euphemistic term for outhouses then current. If I can locate the book, I'll post a list of them--if there is an interest. Allen maberry[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]