Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 16:04:24 CDT From: Randy Roberts Subject: jakes Joan: I have no personal knowledge of jakes = privy. I would mention several "modern" uses. E. H. Babbitt, "College Words and Phrases" Dialect Notes, II, Part I, 1900. Jake = water closet for men. Time, 22 April 1957, page 116. Jakes is used twice within a review of The Feast of Lupercal by Brian Moore. ". . . the writing is on the jakes wall for . . . " Esquire, December 1977, page 134. ". . . to the basement lavatory (where, it turns out, the jakes are placed in stalls that lack doors, open with primitive simplicity to the airs) . . . " Randy Roberts robertsr[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]