Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 23:08:31 EST From: Brad Grissom Subject: Re: pickle- low party >Last week I saw an exhibition of Dorothea Lange photographs at >at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Included was one of a >handlettered sign on a telephone pole in Pittsboro, N.C. >It was a general invitation to a "pickle-/low party" (hyphen >before linebreak), and couples would be charged fifteen cents. >I can see possibilities in low life and getting pickled, but >that is just speculation. I haven't gotten anywhere with the >apparent dictionaries. Anybody know what it is? Curiosity. > >Joseph Jones jjones[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] >University of British Columbia Library No help here, but an odd coincidence that might be related: I was just watching a dramatization of an Ed McClanahan short story ("The Congress of Wonders"). In 1944, a young boy confronts a carnival sideshow shill with her fakeries, and she says in exasperation, "You wanna be told the goddam truth, don't come to a goddam pickle punk show." I'm almost certain that's what I heard -- pickle, not nickel. Brad Grissom bgrissom[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]