Date: Mon, 6 Feb 1995 13:49:09 CST From: Mike Picone Subject: cakewalk Definition 1) I don't recall anybody mentioning the fact that Chuck Berry was notorious for his cakewalk: guitar slung low across the hip, legs advancing scissor-like below the knees, he half-glided half skipped across the front of the stage as he hammered out the refrain from Johnny B. Goode. Are any other cakewalks as famous? I don't know if this was a left-over from the Minstrel tradition or not. Definition 2) We also have cakewalks in primary schools in Tuscaloosa at fund-raising events. Parents bake cupcakes. Kids pay a quarter to walk around a kind of horizontal clock-face with numbers. When the music stops, kid gets a cupcake from the batch bearing the number he/she stopped on. Mike Picone University of Alabama MPICONE[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UA1VM.UA.EDU