End of ADS-L Digest - 4 Feb 1995 to 5 Feb 1995 ********************************************** There are 2 messages totalling 54 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. 3 Lexicographic Queries 2. cakewalk ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 6 Feb 1995 08:53:10 EST From: Wayne Glowka Subject: Re: 3 Lexicographic Queries >CAKEWALK: I remember this to be a sort of glorified musical chairs activity >with >cakes as prizes, typically played at a school or church function; dictionaries >call it a dance competition. What do you think it is? Literally: Several months ago I went to a fall fair at a primary school in Tenille, Georgia, where one of the activities was a CAKEWALK. Numbered squares were on the sidewalk arranged in a circle. Music was played and the contestants walked until the music stopped. A number, I believe, was drawn, and the person standing on that number won a cake. Articles in the newspaper often reminisce about cakewalks in the dim past--often with reference to the African-American portion of the community. Figuratively: A CAKEWALK is any task that exceptionally easy to accomplish. Wayne Glowka Professor of English Director of Research and Graduate Student Services Georgia College Milledgeville, GA 31061 912-453-4222 wglowka[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]gc3.gac.peachnet.edu BITNET Address: Wglowka[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]USCN