Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 08:50:28 EST From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: ProcessEEZ In response to David Johns' posting: I KNEW there were other [+affected] plurals out there. (Or maybe we should just think of them as [+confused], as in 'octopi'.) 'Biases' and 'premises' do indeed work just like 'processes', although there's a complication with 'premises' in that it can be the plural of 'premise', as in a deductive chain or a collective noun, = a building or other location (as in 'on the ____'). I suspect both can be pro- nounced either way ('premisus' or 'premiseez'), but I'm not sure. As for 'biases', my hypothesee :) predicts that it can be 'biaseez' only for the statistical or sociological sense (for a skewing based on prejudice or inadequacy of the sample) and not, say, when it refers to diagonal lines or swerves in bowls. I'm not particularly confident in this prediction. --Larry