Date: Mon, 28 Feb 1994 11:55:25 PST From: Peter Benson Subject: Spanish dialectologist consultant needed ASAP !! We are preparing a proposal for a project in automatic dialect identification in response to a solicitation by the Air Force. The Statement of Work for the job calls for a literature search to help identify acoustic and phonological features of Spanish that might help differentiate dialects. We need to talk with a Spanish dialectologist for possible consultation. Time is of the essence here as we have a very short deadline. If you are interested,please call me or e-mail me at the addresses and numbers below. Thanks, Peter Benson, Ph.D. | ITT Aerospace/Communications Division phone: (619)578-3080 | 10060 Carroll Canyon Road fax: (619)578-5371 | San Diego, CA 92131 email: benson[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] or Peter_Benson[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] or benson[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]