Date: Mon, 28 Feb 1994 11:42:00 MST From: BBOLING[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UNMB.BITNET Subject: Re: [El[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]nojz] In a posting sent earlier today, which I inadvertantly deleted, the native pronunciation of "Illinois" with initial [E] was mentioned. Here is a ni ce early attestation of this pronunciation. It occurs in a letter of an Ulster immigrant who had the pronunciation only from what he had heard in Philadelphia (indicating a formerly widespread pronunciation with [E]-- and probably final [z] too, since his spelling is largely phonetic): "hee never Stoped till hee went to the Steate of Elinoys and he is living there att the present time" (letter of December 11, 1850). Bruce D. Boling University of New Mexico