Date: Sat, 26 Feb 1994 08:21:17 +0500 From: Robert Howren Subject: Re: local locality pronunciations On Wed, 23 Feb 1994, Martha Howard wrote: > In re Wayne Glowka's surprise at the pronunciation of Buena Vista, I > have learned here in West Virginia to listen to how a native says an > area or town name before I venture to doit. Example (read [AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] as schwa) > Kanawha is k[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]na and Pisgah is pizgee. ------------------ My Kanawha County wife, by dint of repeated effort, finally got me to reduce "Kanawha" to two syllables, but insists on a slightly lengthened and half-rounded final vowel--[k[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]nA:]. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Robert Howren Dept. of Linguistics howren[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3155 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=